You Won’t Believe What Vegetable Snoop Dogg Used As A Blunt Once

If there’s one thing to know about Snoop Dogg, it’s that the West Coast icon has always been vocal about his love for weed.

In celebration of the national 4/20 holiday, Snoop appeared on the at-home edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live where he discussed what he’s been up to in quarantine, plans for celebrating for Weed Day, and his favorite strains to smoke.

During their conversation, Kimmel parsed Snoop’s thoughts for what fruit would make the best smoking implement. The Doggfather didn’t have an answer but he recounted a trick he learned during a trip to Jamaica.

“I went to Jamaica, and [this man] had me come over to his house, and he pulled out a carrot. He was smoking out of a carrot and it was the best smoke I ever had,” Snoop said.