Where To Buy Glow Recipe From ‘Shark Tank’ & Bring The Best Korean Skincare Products Stateside

Co-founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang just over a year ago, the latest entrepreneurial effort to hit Shark Tank, Glow Recipe, is an e-commerce destination focusing on the ever-more popular South Korean skincare and beauty. They sell everything from rubber masks (more on those in a minute) to essences and ampoules that may as well be magic potions. Suffice it to say, it’s a cool site for many reasons, but there’s one thing in particular that sets it apart: Glow Recipe places a focus on natural ingredients, as the founders explained to Teen Vogue.

 Korean skincare and makeup are all about enhancing natural beauty rather than covering imperfections. Koreans love using natural ingredients and are constantly looking for skincare formulations with natural ingredients, that are highly concentrated, as they prefer a gentle, yet effective result, rather than a dramatic transformation.

Lee and Chang make quite the team — as per their website, they’ve clocked in almost 20 collective years in the beauty industry. In fact, according to Fashionista.com, they met at L’Oreal, where “they worked for over nine years in marketing and product development” while covering “both the U.S. and Korean markets,” so who better to bring natural Korean cosmetics stateside?

Their site already has quite the following, and they’ve been featured in just about every major publication from Vogue to Allure, but we’ll have to wait and see if Shark Tank’s notoriously choosy Sharks take the bait. Until then, let’s take a look at some of their must-have products, all which are available for purchase on the official website, along with the rest of their beauty offerings.