Turn Heads With Smoking Hot Mascara Eyes

We just wrote an article to tell you how to choose the eyebrow tools suit yourself best. Today we will write something about another important part of our eye makeup. When you are short on time but still want to look like you have spent a considerable time on getting ready, mascara is at your rescue.

However with so many different brands offering right from double lash growth within few days to intensified volume, length and curls. This article talks about tips on getting those perfect bright mascara eyes.


To get thick and long eye leashes add a primer on your lashes after the first coat of mascara, then apply one more coat. This will enhance the look of your eye lashes adding length and volume to them.


Hold the brush vertically and move from left to right from the eye. Don’t worry about clumping. You can get rid of any clumps by holding the wand horizontally to the eye and apply mascara on top of your lashes. End it by applying a coat under top lash hairs.


For those who need to have their eye-makeup on for long without smudging waterproof mascara is ideal. However getting it off isn’t all that easy and you need to make sure you have a good remover handy.


For bottom lashes use a bottom lash mascara which has a smaller applicator. Because lower lashes are smaller and finer. Therefore it is essential to choose the right wand size.


For really dense eye lashes, this is an excellent trick – smear jet black liquid eyeliner by drawing tiny dots onto your upper and lower lash line before putting mascara. The illusion created is that of hairs growing right from the root making your eyes intensely dark and thick.


If you are looking at naturally long and thick eyelashes then you must try a suitable growth serum. Growth serums do work on eyelashes making them longer and denser with continued use, within months. Apply it consistently, twice a day to get noticeably beautiful eyelashes. The serum can be used on thin eyebrows too.

These tips will surely help change the way you apply mascara and draw attention to your stunning eyes. Beautiful mascara applied eyelashes can enhance any eye color and shape taking them to the next level, making your flutter a show stopper!