Tips to Avoid Make-up Failure

Most of us have witnessed and experienced makeup failure at some or the other point in our lives. Well the famous celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, have turned out to be perfect examples of cosmetic failures.

The celebrities seemed to have arrived at their respective events, after a tough war with their powder puffs. Though they looked perfectly flawless until the cameras flashed their secret. There is no easy way out other than decoding your complete makeup or escaping the paparazzi. The best way to skip such an awful accident is to comprehend the mystery behind those white patches and ensure you do not fall prey to it.

Unfolding the Mystery

Now the white patch that is ghastly highlighted with just a click of the camera is known as a makeup flashback. I’m sure most of you might have noticed your faces glowing ghostly white in certain night pictures, even if you seems perfectly tanned or if you’ve put on the best makeup ever. The white cast that you see on your face is caused either by certain SPF ingredients present in your concealers, foundations and tinted moisturizers. Or by silica, which is one of the key ingredients in your HD powders that give you the glamorous look. So what on earth is  the main culprit?

Your Foundation?

Usually not all the SPF chemicals present in your concealer or foundation cause flashback. Only minerals such as Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are definitely your enemies. You should refrain from using such products if your evening party is going to be filled with the shutterbugs and you wish to pose for them. These minerals are designed such that they reflect the harmful UV rays of the sun but unfortunately, they also react to camera flash, resulting in a bright white face.

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Or Your Powder?

The silica found in HD powders can give you the worst makeup flashback ever. The light-reflecting particles in silica, aid in soaking up all the oil from your face and give you that gorgeous matte complexion. But when exposed to flash, it quickly results in these white patches that make you appear ghostly. Though setting powders are quite different from HD powders, you should certainly check for the presence of silica to avoid mishaps.

How to prevent a Flashback?

Fixing your Foundation

Avoid using SPF based foundations at nighttime. However if your favorite foundation contains SPF, ensure that you apply some loose light colored powder on top of it to balance the effect of the flashback and make it invisible. If your foundation has SPF properties but does not contain Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Dioxide, then you can definitely use it without any fear.

Stay away from Silica

Do not use powders which have the presence of silica in it. HD powders significantly contain silica because of its smooth silky texture which makes your skin look fabulous and poreless. Now let’s admit everyone wants that flawless complexion. So by all means go ahead and use HD powders as long as you are not going to be posing for a photo shoot. However applying only a small amount of HD powder can make you escape a tragic night, but it is always better to do a flash test before you step out.