Things About Shaving Legs That You are Unknown to

What is it that allows you to feel confident when wearing a dress when you have sleek legs? Many of you may be unaware about how exactly you are supposed to shave your legs. Well, no worries, we are there to help you! Below are ten tiny facts about shaving your legs along with a few tips to enable you to get an amazing shave.


It is recommended to always wash and scrub your legs before shaving which will help in getting rid of all the dead and dry skin cells. Not doing so could end up clogging your razors and could lead to razor burns or cuts.


Need a perfect, smooth shave? Then you can’t miss the lather which is a very important part of shaving. Don’t use any soap but instead use any shave cream or a little hair conditioner. Reason being, soap would dry out the skin, whereas creams or conditioner based product offers moisture that is good for a very smooth shave.

Be gentle

To avoid any kind of irritation, bumps or redness, it is best to leave out the option of using a loofah or a washcloth after shaving.

Finding the appropriate product

Before buying any shaving cream, it is important to find out what is best for what kind of skin. If the skin is irritable and dry, then products containing alcohol or fragrance should be avoided.

Wait before shaving

It is always best to shave after taking a shower as the steam and heat of the shower helps to open the pores and soften the hair, making the shave much easier.

The thighs

It is seen that many people ignore their thigh area, but the reason isn’t yet known to us. After all, they need some love too!

Avoid longer strokes

Shaving without pushing too hard and by using small strokes you can get the best of results! If you find yourself shaving over one area many times, it is a sign that your razor needs a change as it is dull.

You need the right razor

A good razor is one that has a pivoting head, is round, and also has a handle having a god grip. In addition, your razor should have more blades, which indicates that you won’t need to shave an area many times.


Chances of having ingrown hair can be reduced if you provide enough moisture to your legs. You could do this by applying some moisturizing lotion on your legs when they get dry.

SPF needed!

Your skin is definitely going to be bare after you shave it and hence it is more inclined towards the glare of the sun. So, once shaved, make sure you apply some spf lotion, and try to use one that isn’t very greasy but in the end gives the appropriate amount of moisture!