Summer Skincare to Maintain Oily Skin

Girls with oily skin have tough time to look good. Even the top models are also fighting for having a dewy look. Summer is definitely not so favorable for the oily skin. Especially in hot sun, it becomes real hard to have a good look with oily skin. You can click to read a brief summer skincare guide we wrote before. This article will focus on some special tips for you if you have oily skin. Let’s focus on the solutions straightway.

Avoid excessive cleanse

Avoid washing face often with face wash. Oil doesn’t get washed by cleaning frequently. Being natural oils, if you try to wipe it more with face-washes containing harsh chemicals, skin produces more. That’s why we suggest you better choose gentle cleanser containing amino acid. Another thing needs reminding, washing of your face should not exceed twice a day.

Moisturizing is Essential

It sounds weird to moisturize an oily skin but definitely it’s essential for obvious reason. If you have a dry skin, sebaceous glands under the skin gets the sense and end up in producing more oil. Oil free moisturizer can be used to keep your skin hydrated. You need to apply it on your skin and should be left for 10 minutes before the application of foundation. Hyaluronic acid is a very effective moisturizing ingredient, here we have a detail comparison of some products for your reference.

Avoid Having Dairy Milk

Hot summer demands taking ice cream to keep us cool which contains dairy milk. This leads to imbalance in hormone levels. Thus level of hormones like testosterone and progesterone goes high, causing an excessive oil production to skin. Almond milk can be taken instead of dairy milk with coffee to avoid the hormonal imbalance.

Try Mattifying Primer

A mattifying prier is an anti-oil absorbent and a silicon base which makes the skin smooth, free of pores and silky. You can read it here to find a foundation suit you best. In addition, you can lightly apply mineral finishing power to keep your skin free of oil for a whole day.

Face-baking technique

It’s a Korean beauty technique that refers to the use of a lot of powder on the face and submerging into water. This will result into matte finishing and will make your makeup long lasting for the whole day preventing oil accumulation.

Above mentioned ways will be very helpful for oily skin in summer. It’s advisable to avoid drastic measures and little bit change in food habit and ways of life can make you look better in summer.