Smart Cooking System Makes Us All Master Chefs

The Hestan Cue is a smart cooking system that controls cooking pans and stoves by app with detailed recipes, so as to ensure that all instructions are followed, and accurate heating and timings are achieved for the making of a delicious dish.

The system uses a smartphone based app full of menus and steps written by Michelin-starred chefs, and communicates directly with the stove and other cook ware via Bluetooth. This way, the food can be kept at the right temperature within the right time, no matter how terrible a cook you used to be.

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Smart Cooking System

The app aims at enabling its users to master professional cooking techniques as searing, shallow poaching and pan roasting. Hestan, the company that made this system, brings hi-tech to its famous pans and cookers, in hope of empowering every one of us to try new things that we never dared to cook before.

We’ve seen mini robots that vacuum the floor and those that turn out the lights for us. One is left wondering what other forms of household chores the Internet of Things could help us perfect?