Sensitizing Ingredients are Harmful for Your Skin

Stop sensitizing your skin more and more. Though they show similar symptoms, redness, inflammation. Sensitive skin is inherited whereas hydrating and antioxidant enriched items to soothe the harm done by sensitizing ingredients.

How Sensitizing agents worsen your skin

Sensitizing ingredients make oily skin even more vulnerable aggravating breakouts. Continuous use of irritating agents heightens the occurrence of bumps and rashes worsening the condition of oily skin. This however seems impossible with application of sensitizing products. The two leading culprits that are part of skincare products are fragrance (natural or cosmetic) and alcohol (SD or denatured). These cause more harm than benefit to your already sensitized skin.

Dry skin, like oily skin is very prone to the harmful effects of sensitizing agents in skincare products. As mentioned earlier, alcohol and fragrance and other skin sensitizing agents take away the skin’s moisture making it look pulled and thirsty. Continued use of irritants can cause to further damage and dry your already rough tone. You need to include products that have skin hydrating, replenishing and invigorating qualities, so your skin looks and feels smooth and young like it should.

Treat your skin gently no matter what skin type

Oily, dry, combination, whatever your skin type, you need to care for it tenderly. A daily gentle care regime for your skin ensures that it remains hydrated, smooth, supple, radiant, reduces open pores and oiliness. Be kind to your skin and see considerable change by refraining from use of skin irritating products that cause damage. Along with this there are other pointers that will help you maintain a lovely, happy skin like not using too hot or too cold water, rubbing your skin too hard making it lose its firmness, avoiding skin irritating items, not using abrasive.

Steer clear from the following

Following is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while buying beauty care products and taking care of your skin at home.

  1. Soap bars and cleansers for your face that dry your skin’s surface making it rough.
  2. Skin toning liquids that have alcohol, witch hazel, menthol etc. as their ingredients.
  3. Harsh exfoliates that contain seeds of fruits, ceramic oxides, pumice etc.
  4. Loofah mitts and scrub cream.
  5. Face masks with fragrance oils and alcohol.
  6. Use beauty materials like face brushes that are super soft.
  7. Stay away from any kind of natural or artificial scented products.
  8. Always cleanse your skin with tepid water.
  9. Stop fiddling with that pimple!

Common allergens you need to stay away from

The list is too vast to list them all down. However, a few common irritants found in skincare products are ammonia, balsam, camphor, essential oils, and any kind of fragrance, all minty items like eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint etc., rose, lavender, juices of citrus fruits like lime and lemon, clove, benzyl alcohol, witch hazel, grapefruit and many others.

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