Sea Salt Shampoo: A Better Hair Repair Choice

Shampoo helps in maintaining healthy hair and stimulating hair growth. A suitable product may be very hard to find especially when your hair is already dry and the damage. As your hair is prone, your hair product must be of functions as hair moisturizing, straightening and nourishing. To supple, soften and tangles the massive thick hair, the sea salt shampoo can easily make it.

Sea salt is full of vital vitamins and minerals. They can effectively refine the cellular metabolism, keep the tissues hydrated, boost blood circulation, thus increase the strength of cell membranes. Bath salts are becoming very popular these days because of their ability to relax and for numerous health benefits. So proper hair care is necessary for normal hair as well. We will explain about sea salt shampoo carefully and let you know its benefits. Then you will be clear to use it or not.

What are sea salt shampoo

Sea salt is a much healthier alternative to regular iodized salt. It is beneficial for your respiratory system, since it can decelerate the secretion of phlegm or mucous during asthma and reduce the inflammation a lot.

Functioning in shampoo, sea salt adds massive volume and shine while eliminating grease and dead skin cells without stripping hair of its natural oils. Like other types of shampoo, sea salt shampoo also works best paired with roper conditioner. Using sea salt shampoo, you feel it gently cleanses hair, adds body and enhances waves for a natural, tousled look, leaves hair voluminous and touchable texture.

Benefits of sea salt shampoo

Sea salt is a great natural remedy for people with oily hair. “They are excellent for naturally detoxifying the scalp of grease, grime and product build-up as salt acts as a natural exfoliator,” Christophe Robin explains.

For damaged hair, “they help remove chemical residues left on the scalp, which can cause itchiness after a coloring treatment. More commonly, they also help to rebalance and soothe greasy, irritated scalps.”

In addition, sea salt is excellent for fighting against dandruff. Stylist Sunnie Brook Jones explains, “Salt pulls water and moisture from the scalp and hair which can cause processed hair to become brittle,” “I like to suggest applying a hair mask to just the ends before getting in the shower to shampoo.”

However, as salt acts as a natural exfoliator. It is not recommend to wash hair daily as it will take away your natural hair oil.