Red Lipstick: Always a Chic and Classic Look for You

Red lipsticks are probably one of those makeup products that are sure to make an impression. It’s such a classic color with different shades and it adds style to your overall look.

Red lipstick comes in so many shades and textures, deep berry colors, matte reds, and glossy flirty shades, features of bright red. Applying the undertones working for your skin complexion and your makeup can look natural.

  1. Fair complexions and pink-based undertone, apply blue-based or pink-based reds.
  2. Light complexions and yellow-based undertone, prefer a slight orange based red.
  3. Olive complexions and yellow-green undertone, need a brick, blue-based or rust colored red.
  4. Golden and deep complexions can try bold colors and multiple shades of reds.

Rocking the red lips has been a basic need in makeup. M.A.C Ruby Woo is always a preferred choice.

To stay you’re red on your lips where it belongs, red liner apply lightly and powder before you apply your lipstick. Paint a small amount of concealer around the lip line if your color is prone to smudging.

An extreme red can take you from day to night with just a few modifications to your look.