How to Preserve your Favorite Beauty Tool

Since everyone of us going through several counters and shelling out big bucks for compiling our most treasured make-up kit, certainly we don’t want any of the beauty tools to be ruined in a short span of time. The famous Beauty Blender is the perfect example of a cosmetic applicator that can last for a decently good amount of time as long as you get certain things right.

Though over the months, Beauty Blenders may appear perfectly fine and harmless from outside But actually it might be blissfully harboring a whole lot of dirt and bacteria on the inside. Cleaning the Beauty blender regularly is your only mantra to secure an allergy-free skin and make your applicator tool last as long as possible. Below are some tips to help you keep your cosmetic applicator sponge in the best blending form.

Wet it Carefully

Every time you dampen the Beauty blender, do it quite gently rather than squeezing it vigorously. Soak it for some time and carefully squeeze out the water using one of your hands. Ensure that you do not pull the sponge or ring it while damping, else it will break.

Regular Cleaning

If you want your Beauty blender to work smoothly and stretch through an extra month, it is important to wash it regularly and properly. Ensure that you wash your sponge before or after every use. Baby shampoos are the safest to clean your applicators because they do not have any harmful chemicals in it. You need to wet your blender, soap it up, gently roll it in between your palms and slowly rinse it off, till clear water squeezes out.

Airy Storage

After either using or washing your makeup sponge, let it air dry thoroughly. Do not commit the mistake of storing it in airtight bags, containers or drawers, as it will keep the sponge moist for a longer period of time making it easily susceptible to molds and bacteria.

Though the Beauty Blender is a revolutionary beauty product because of its pristine shape, size, texture and density in comparison to all the other make-up applicator sponges. There are quite a few tough competitors in the market which do not cost as much as $20. Click to see the replacement of big brand beauty tools we collect for you. 

Anyway you are free to explore and experiment the various applicator sponges. Just ensure that you replace them once you use it for a couple of months, even if it seems to look fine. Over-usage of such beauty tools will only result in more harm than do any good.