Scarlett Johansson’s Trainer Says This One Change Has Helped Clients Get Rid of Cellulite

Yes, even the most gorgeous Hollywood super star can’t escape cellulite. We have all seen Scarlett Johansson’s bikini shot with cellulite and stretch marks on her thighs and butt at a beach in Hawaii.

scarlett johansson with cellulite
Even the invincible Black Widow has cottage-cheese skin, and was quoted as joking                         “I hope they make a video game of me. At least I wouldn’t have any cellulite then.”
Beyoncé with cellulite
Queen B is no exception to the cellulite fever as well.

A top celebrity trainer to super stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively and J.Lo, etc. Don Saladino takes care of all problems and troubles concerning their physiques and forms, among which cellulite is definitely the most common and concerned about. He must make sure, that every time in the spotlight, his celebrity clients  present their best or any defects will be enlarged, let alone the insightful cellulite. And Saladino has done his job well.

Secret anti-cellulite solution

Instead of super expensive non-invasive treatments like subcision and shockwave therapy, etc., Saladino’s secret that has helped his celebrity clients get rid of the annoying cellulite is easy and affordable: Pensida anti cellulite cream.

“Most cellulite-fighting creams contain caffeine as their active ingredient, which can be more helpful than you’d imagine when applied religiously,” says Don Saladino, “This is because of the temporary effects caffeine has on the body, which are actually prolonged to daily effects. It shrinks fat cells by dehydrating them.”

a cellulite cream that works

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Pensida contains caffeine as main ingredient, which helps aid in the lymphatic drainage and smooth out the appearance of skin. With anti-oxidants helping to rejuvenate and improve circulation, it breaks up of cellulite areas and makes your skin look healthy, soft and smooth.

How to apply

“Always make circular movements, from the bottom up,” says Saladino. Warm a bit of your Pensida anti-cellulite  cream in the palms of your hands and then use deep and firm kneading motions. It should be applied once or twice per day rigorously.

Life is much better without cellulite. With a wealth of scientific research behind it, and endorsed by Hollywood super stars, Pensida now is finally available to us average people. By living up to its claims, Pensida makes skin smooth and toned again and brings back our self-confidence.

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