Night Time Skin Care Habits

Good night sleep is the beauty sleep. When we sleep our body repairs the natural damages caused which enhances our skin and problems related to it. Sleep reduces the stress hormone (cortisol) and improves skin texture by reducing problems skin wrinkles, dark circles, discoloration etc. It helps in growing melatonin (hormone) which helps to fight fine lines, aging and in some extreme cases like skin cancer. If Good night sleep is essential and benefits us in multiple ways then before going to bed why shouldn’t we take care of the skin naturally?

Generally, professionals break down your skin care routine into 3 steps: Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing. These are the ideal support system for your skin and should be followed with the best products available in the market.

Skipping the night care habits is a big no-no and must be treated as an obsession. It is the best time to take care of the skin and remove all the dirt, oil and make-up from the skin that fixes the skin problems and makes your skin healthy. Let us understand night care skin habits and the best ways to keep the skin enriched and flawless.

Sequential Skin Care Habits that needs to be chased in the night:

1) Remove all the makeup:

It is essential that the skin breathes in through the environment. All the creams, products that you have applied should be removed in the night by a soft cotton pad or towel to remove the oil, dirt that has settled on the skin throughout the day. It will take only a few seconds to proceed with this step.

2) Wash off the Face and cleanse it thoroughly:

Cleanse the face with a good therapeutic skin product or a skin cleanser to clean the left over slag from the skin. You can also use an emulsifying scrub to detoxify the skin and make it glow.

3) Apply night medication with a good moisturizer:

Apply a therapeutic serum or retinol to target the problems such as blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles. You should apply serum followed by the moisturizer. If you have the dark circles problem then moisturize to grab everything in. To moisturize the skin till the underneath layer, you must keep your skin hydrated and moisturize it with shea butter. It also helps in fight uneven skin tone or pigmentation problem. You should always select a moisturizer which is best suitable for the skin. Remember bedtime is the best time to quench the thirst. Now, you can have your beauty sleep.

Common mistakes people might ignore in the night:

  1. Not removing the make-up or cleaning the face before going to bed.
  2. Not using under eye gel to solicit with calmness.
  3. Not only moisturizing but let it sink in till the bottom. Applying moisturizing cream and let it roll till 3 minutes is a must. This will make the skin attractive in the night as well as in the daytime too.
  4. If you have acne problems make sure you use Acne Treatment kit followed by a moisturizing cream which best suits your skin.