New Shades: Clarins Shiny and Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil Lip Gloss

Our lips can suffer from damage during the summer and winter, they need care too. Lip gloss protects the lips from the sun and another harsh element. Some of the instant light lip comfortable oil is among the most hydrating lip treatments.

Clarins Instant Light Lip comfort oils are lip treatment with a very great fragrance available in different shades.

There are seven flavors, honey, raspberry, red berry, candy, tangerine, honey glam and mint.

This lip gloss work like cushions for the lips with a gel like oil formula that is not viscous on the lips but has a high gloss shine. Everyone think oil means runny, thin, and goopy, but this lip gloss is oil free and does not slide around the lips also stay put once applies.

Below is the swatches of these seven flavors.

Many people like honey flavor lip gloss because it gives instant relief to dry lips. Enduring or long lasting power is very good and stays put for several hours.

Raspberry has the pink color and Red Berry has a red color with the awesome fragment. Both raspberry and red berry color is sheer when applying this flavor on lips it almost transparent.

There are slightly different between this two lip glosses but the effect is almost different. If you want lip treatment + color use instant light lip balm perfectors or the Instant Light Lip Natural Lip Perfectors and the Shimmer Shades for summer.

These seven colors of glosses are sheer if you like this variety and love this formula so it is available online in the reasonable prize. Many of the people like to keep multiple for the purse, bathroom, desk. They have tested all six flavors and pick their favorite Honey, Candy, and Mint flavor.

Have you tried these yet? Do you have a current favorite lip treatment?