What do Your Nails Say About Your Health

Nails can disclose your health-related affairs. They can tell you a lot more about the repressed conditions of your health.

The Change in color, texture, thickness and shape reveals the type of disease or deficiency in your body. We will study a few number of nail findings related that can be the indication of a chronic disease or any vitamin or protein deficiency.

Fragile and Breakable nails:

Fragile and breakable nails are a symbol of fungal infection on the nails. This can be caused due to overexposure to some chemicals or sometimes water. This can also be caused due to an imbalance in the hormones or due to underactive or overactive thyroid. Crumbly nails can be a symbol of a long-term disease called psoriasis.

Disfigured nails:

The appearance of yellowish nails can be due to fungal infections or regular application of nail enamel. It can also be caused due to lymphoedema which is a condition caused due to enlargement in the skin. Discoloration can also be caused due to tuberculosis, jaundice, and paronychia. Green nails can be caused due to under loose nails. The appearance of brown nails can be caused due to pregnancy, malnutrition and thyroid imbalance.

 White nails:

Terry’s nail which is a condition caused due to reduced blood supply to the bed of the nail. It can be caused due to a variety of medical conditions like diabetes, chemotherapy, heart problem, liver disease, or any other malnutrition.

Dark lines or Dark stripes flowing down the nails:

This is the most common type of nail condition fairly found in black people over the age of 20 years. It is a form of skin cancer that affects the bed of the nail. It normally appears on one nail and affects the nail fold or around the vicinity of the skin.

Curved Shape fingertips:

This is a condition where the tissue under the bed of the nail thickens and the fingernail gets rounded or curvy shape. Clubbing is caused due to increased blood flow to the tips. It is hereditary and harmless. However, if it develops unconditionally it can be due to stomach related problems like cancer, cirrhosis, polycythemia (a condition where blood is thick).

Koilonychia (Sharp depression on the nails)

It is a condition of the fingernails having a curve like spoons which is inwards. It may be due to anemia (iron deficiency), hemochromatosis (the body contains increased iron).

Depressions in the nails (pitting or dents)

Nail pitting is caused can be related to multiple problems like Psoriasis –a skin condition characterized by scaly patches, eczema– a skin condition that causes cracked, red or itchy skin.

Beau’s lines (Deep lines)

Lines which are deep and grow across the nails are known as Beau’s lines. The condition of a person having chemotherapy, an injury or previous illness. It forms a groove at the nail’s base. There are horizontal indentations observed in the nails. You nail stops growing temporarily in this condition. It can be caused due to trauma or illness which is severe in condition.