Mary Berry’s diet secrets revealed: how the TV cook maintains her slim figure

Mary Berry is back on our TV screens in BBC1’s Britain’s Best Home Cook looking amazing for her 83 years. The TV cook may be the reigning queen of baking but there’s no way she can be devouring all of the delectable dishes and cakes she whips up. Mary is known for her slim and slender physique which has stayed the same over the years. But how exactly does the ex-British Bake Off star judge, who has over 70 cookbooks to her name, do it? It’s actually simpler than you may think.

Speaking in 2019 to Good Housekeeping, Mary revealed that despite being surrounded by temptations constantly, she’s pretty strict with herself by counting calories and resisting snacks as much as possible. “I don’t snack,” she said. “If I’m at home, I might have a cup of tea with my husband with a piece of toast or a small piece of cake.”

She continued: “On the whole, I really watch calories. I always have a good meal in the evening with lots of vegetables and a smaller portion of meat or fish. believe in a balanced diet, and because I’m ancient I don’t need an 8oz steak.”

However, just like the rest of us, Mary’s does enjoy the odd treat. “I do like a glass of wine”, she revealed. “I’m not one to devour chocolates, but after supper, I have a chocolate of some sort, perhaps one of those Lindt balls.”

In a more recent interview with YOU Magazine, the star baker also revealed what she thinks about exercising: “People say you have to exercise a lot to keep slim. Well, I would hate that. I play tennis and I garden and walk the dogs, but I’ve not stepped inside a gym since I was at school!”

Mary with her co-hosts on Best Home Cook

Mary has also spoken in the past about why she chooses to stay in shape and it has to do partly with her fans. Back when she was presenting Bake Off, she revealed to The Sunday Times: “I think to eat cake is very good for us, but it’s the size of the slice and how often you have it. “I eat carefully because people don’t want to see a large person judging cakes,” adding: “They’ll think to themselves, that’s what happens when you eat cake.”

She also revealed she knows her body well: “I make myself eat one piece of toast for breakfast. When I’m doing Bake Off, I eat soup for lunch. I know what puts on weight for me, it’s just over-indulgence. It’s a case of grasping the mettle. I know it’s difficult. It’s about everything in moderation.”

Sage advice, Mary.