Make your skin summer ready

Get set to face rising temperatures with not just a new wardrobe but an updated skincare routine as well. To show off your skin in your sundresses, swimsuits and even those lovely sandals, you first need to summer-prep it. You may think you need to bring about major changes in your daily beauty regime with changing climates but that isn’t necessary. Sometimes a few simple but mandatory quick fixes are all you need. We hope that this article acts as a refresher to your summer skin care guide so you are absolutely ready to flaunt it.

Change your moisturizer

That’s right. With changing seasons it is advisable to change your moisturizers as well, simply because as is required in winters, a creamy lotion is not needed during summer to keep you moisturized. Even dry skin can be left feeling greasy in the summer heat with the use of heavy emollients. To provide your facial skin with replenishment and hydration through the hot weather, it is a good option to switch over to a lightweight liquid or gel skin lotion that leaves your skin breathable and comfortable. A concentrated light textured serum with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients works well to give your skin the right balance it requires in summers. For all body types, use a body wash with fast drying oil that moisturizes without leaving your body feeling sticky.

Sun – protect your skin with a high SPF sunblock

No matter what time of the year, one should never ever be out without applying sunscreen lotion. In summers this rule applies even more strongly what with the sun’s harmful rays out to damage your skin and take away all its youthfulness. However, sunscreen lotions and creams feel heavy and uncomfortable making your skin oily in sunny, humid conditions. You needn’t worry anymore though as there are sunblock products available which are lightweight, have an SPF of 30 or more and enriched with anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants as well. That’s a happy relief now, isn’t it?

Steps to get attractively smooth arms and legs

The periodicity of shaving your arms and legs rises during summer. That also leads to skin irritation and ugly red bumps. To avoid or diminish these shaving problems you could

  1. Exfoliate your arms and legs with exfoliating products that are gentle and contain salicylic acid to wash away dead cells for a smoother feel. These also lessen the red bumps, skin irritation and help open blocked pores on your limbs.
  2. After shaving remember to apply a good light texture moisturizer on your arms and legs that will keep your skin hydrated and replenished without making it too oily in the summer season.

You are ready to show off wearing those sexy shorts and sleeveless tops.

Keep body breakouts at bay

Your body requires the same tender care as your facial skin and faces similar problems like redness and acne especially on the back. Body breakouts are more prone to happen during summers due to longer sun exposure and sweat. The key to keep these ‘bacne’ in control are using gentle skin care products containing BHA or benzoyl peroxide for cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. These products also help keep bacteria away and unclog pores.

So dare to bare this summer with a refined beauty care routine.