Everything You Wanted to Know About Lip Contour

Lip makeup makes the difference between plain lips, and lustrous lips. From lip gloss to lip stick, you are never out of options to play up your lips. For lips that are on the thin side, lighter glossier shades are better or good to help plump up and enhance the looks of your lips. Laughter, smiles and tears all take their toll on the delicate lip contour area of the face. So in this article we are going to teach you how to keep your lips and surrounding skin both healthy and plump. To see a red lipstick chic look.


The coetaneous tissue that makes up our skin starts to lose elasticity as time progresses. Our skin’s firmness begins to deteriorate as we age, and wrinkles start to appear around lips. When you reach 40, the lip contour area can sag, losing its firmness and plumpness which will lead to fine lines. There are many causes for these wrinkle, while now it is possible to reverse the effects of time on the skin.


Lips are one of the most admired parts of your body. They can attract or hurt the ones around you, they can make your smile look angelic, or, on the contrast, make you the sexiest and most wanted woman. Skin has a natural ability to recover its looks or shape, but unfortunately this fades as we age. The technology and know-how at Helena Rubinstein has enabled us to create lip care that specifically targets degeneration of skin around the lip contour.


  1. Prep lips by moisturizing and exfoliating to make sure they’re in tip top shape. Cover lips with concealer. This allows for even color distribution without your natural lip line and color showing through and giving away your secret.
  2. Set with clear powder for a longer-lasting lip.
  3. Line the lips with your preferred shade of liner, extending
    the color just outside of your natural lip line.
  4. Fill in your pucker with the liner.

Here’s where the contouring begins! You’ll need another pencil that is 1 to 2 shades darker than what you used in steps 4 and 5. Re-line the lips and then shade in the corners of the mouth in triangular looks or shapes. This creates a pouty base.

Take a light pink or peach lipstick color and dab in the center of your mouth. If you do not have a lipstick, concealer works too. The point is to create a highlight to difference the shadowy corners for a 3D effect.
Like any good contour, you must blend! Some people do this with their fingers, others with lip gloss and some by tapping on an iridescent eye shadow to act as an extra highlight. Whatever method you select, make sure not to skip this crucial final step for a perfectly plump kisser.