How to keep safe when you use free Wi-Fi hotspot

Public free Wi-Fi makes our life convenient, but don’t regard it fully reliable because anyone can have access to it. Moreover, eavesdroppers may build a risky hotspot around you with a confusing name. So we list a few easy steps below with detail illustrations to help you minimize the risk. Finish the following actions before you log in your Instagram connecting Starbucks or enter your E-mail with a hotel Wi-Fi.

Take 5 minutes to follow the instruction and stay safe on your mobile phone, or you just connect to a trusted VPN service every time you use free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Ready the settings on your laptop, smartphone or tablet

For Windows users:

Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing Settings

Turn off file sharing and mark the Wi-Fi connection as a public network. Under the Public heading, turn off the file sharing toggle.

Control Panel > Windows Firewall

Turn on the Windows Firewall when connecting to a public network if it’s not already activated.

For OX X users:

System Preferences > Sharing

Uncheck all the boxes.

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall

Make sure your firewall is turned on.

First step is done, let’s go on!

Check HTTPS and SSL

Using HTTPS to visit web sites or enabling SSL to access the internet through APPs will encrypt the data transferred between your device and the web server. So that it could keep you away from prying.

The “s” in “https” must be there, or you should manually type “https://” in.

Check the “use SSL” box.

Finish these settings. Next step will be crucial!

Install and connect a VPN

Not all sites offer SSL encryption, it is the most basic reason you need to consider using VPN. Also known as virtual private network, is a service that professionally encrypts and redirects all outgoing internet connections on your computer. We also deeply analyzed VPN security factors all-around, you can check more details on official website of NordVPN.

In fact, using a VPN is as simple as you using any other software or APP. What really matters is whether the service provider you choose is legal, safe, and convenient.

One of the preferred VPN provider is NordVPN, which we recommend because of its security, stability and reasonable price. Find the device you would like to install and you can easily get it done following the Setup Wizard.

Final step, last but not least.

Auto connected the Wi-Fi because you remembered the connection, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN

Manually get your device to forget the network. So that it won’t automatically connect again to the network if you’re in range.

Actually, i connect with NordVPN all the time both on 4G network or any Wifi hotspot connections. I suggest all of you guys do that if you don’t know what really happens when the FCC’s Online Privacy Rules are cancelled. Here is the solution detail.

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