Jumping Rope an Amazing Workout

Jumping rope is a very popular game for kids in school days. Kids enjoy skipping everywhere. But not only as a kiddo game, but also jumping rope surprisingly one the best exercises. Experts consider skipping as the highest calorie burner. It’s one of the cheapest exercises and the equipment is well portable. Besides it can be used by all the family members and it can be so much helpful for people of all ages to burn excessive calories. Skipping only 20 minutes in rope will be fun for all but it will improve the cardiovascular fitness for everybody.

In the following description, we will emphasise on jumping rope as an amazing exercise. So let’s focus on the topic straightway.

Jumping rope is considered as a very good exercise to keep your hart well functioning. It helps to strengthen the upper and the lower portion of the body and burns lots of calories in a very short time. In only 20 minutes, you can burn the whole calorie of a candy bar. So this exercise is well appropriate for all individuals by the cardiologists.

Jumping rope is one of the spices in adult workout procedure. It puts direct stress on the knee, hip and ankles. It’s a much better exercise than jogging for 2 hours daily. So if you are an adult and intended to have a muscular body, jumping rope will be one of the best workouts for you.

Basic Requirements for Jumping Rope

For the beginners, it is advisable to use a beaded rope since it is easier to control and it holds the shape. Besides it is very much lightweight like a cloth or a vinyl rope.

  • The rope is to be adjusted by holding the handles and by stepping on it.
  • Make your rope shorter so that it can reach up to armpit.
  • Avoid wearing casual dresses. Wear some athletic or training clothes for proper workout.

This is a very simple exercise and it needs only about 6/4 feet area around you and 10 inches space above your head. Choose the perfect surface area for skipping. Avoid doing it on carpet or grass or concrete and asphalt. Carpet can reduce the impact and your ankles or toes can be twisted as it grabs your feet. Wooden floor or mat can be perfect.

How to do it

It can be little humbling if you haven’t done this for long time. This exercise needs coordination and synchronisation. Before you start, start moving your hands and legs separately.

  • The rope is to be hold by hand and is to be swung to create a rhythm.
  • Start jumping without using the rope to gather the synchronisation of hands and legs.
  • Now add the two practices same time and try to jump for at least one minute.

Jumping rope or skipping is one of the best calorie burners. It’s affordable and portable. Make the best use of it and get rid of irritating fat from the body.