Jennifer Lopez Wows Fans: 10 Pound Weight Loss Was Due To Apple Cider Vinegar

Jennifer Lopez is kicking off the new year with her fast 10 pounds weight loss in just few days, all thanks to a recipe with Apple Cider Vinegar, Jennifer Lopez was featured on the Dr. OZ show.

Jennifer Lopez has always been in great shape, but she’s admitted that ever since having her twins, she’s struggled a little with saggy tummy and weight loss—about 8 to 10 stubborn pounds or so.

How did she get rid of belly fat? We all know how stubborn our stomach fat can be. Jennifer Lopez revealed her secret Apple Cider Vinegar recipe. The Recipe was inspired by Beyonce’s trainer (and Lopez’s nutritionist) Marco Borges—just adding single food or ingredients rarely has a noticeable effect on weight. It’s the entire diet that counts… you need to combine several effective methods to see results. Click for Jennifer Lopez ‘s Secret Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe.

Borges tell us that his method will reduce the weight and belly fat and keep it off, as well as improve your sleep and sex drive, boost your energy, and even clear up your skin.