Is Using Loofah in the Shower Good for Your Skin?

Loofah is used in the shower to remove and eradicate all the germs contained in the body. Natural loofahs are also available in the market. They are porous and erase the fibers of the skin which makes the skin like crannies. Loofahs are hard and when rub against the skin can cause abrasions and sometimes cause skin infections. Exfoliating your body gives a brighter and smoother feel to you.

How to use the Loofah in a correct way?

Loofahs are generally available in different shapes and sizes. The texture of it is dry when not in use. Once used with hot or lukewarm water they become supple or soft. Loofahs are often made from the combining form of the plants and are good for the skin. They are much better as compared to the plastic bath poufs.

1) Sprinkle water on the loofah and make it wet:

Loofahs are best when used it after sprinkling water before using. It retains the texture and gives best results.

2) Apply shower gel to the loofah:

Apply some shower gel to the wet loofah and then rub the body. You can also use body soap in less amount. Body soap also gives amazing results.

3) Scrub or rub the body:

After applying the shower gel or soap to the loofah, scrub it gently all over the body surface in circular motion. You can rub the ankles, heels, soles etc. Rubbing the loofah all over the body surface removes the dead skin and restores the skin making it look supple and soft.

4) Wash your body with water:

It is important to close the pores so you need to wash your body with warm or lukewarm water to make it look refreshed.

Intensive care for the Loofah:

1) Clean the loofah after every use:

You should make sure that the soap is cleaned completely from the loofah. Use warm and clean water to clean the loofah. Clean it before it begins to smell.

2) Dry off the loofah completely:

After circulating the loofah all over your body you should take care that the loofah is completely dried up in a different room. The bathroom is generally humid and there is a risk that bacteria might grow up inside the loofah. To avoid this, you should dry off the loofah after every use.

3) Sanitization:

You should keep the loofah in water, or in a dishwasher that prevents bacteria to grow inside the loofah. No matter how busy you are you should do this once a week. Loofah has a greater chance to indulge in bacteria in it so we should sanitize it to make it healthy for use.

4) Bring in new loofah in a month:

Make sure that you use loofah not more than 3 weeks. It is the healthy way of using a loofah to replace it in a month.