The Internet is Running Out of Control From Ransomware WannaCry Attack, You Stay Safe?

Everybody is talking about ransomware WANNA CRY these days because of its shocking spreading range and despicable demand. This malware encrypts the files on a Windows user’s computer firstly then demand for a ransom of $300 in bitcoins to have the files decrypted. If the user doesn’t pay within three days, the amount will double to $600. After seven days without payment, Wanna Cry will delete all of the encrypted files on the infected computer.

Up to now, there are nearly 57,000 Windows system computer has been attacked, totally more than 200,000 victims over 150 countries. The virus attack aimlessly, both individuals and situations like schools, universities, hospitals even government organizations will be infected.


is an emergency measure to prevent you from being infected. Do it following steps below:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click Windows Firewall > Advanced settings.
  3. Find Inbound Rule > New rule.
  4. Choose Port > Next > Specific Local Ports.
  5. Then, manually type in 135, 137, 138, 139, 445.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select Block All Connections.
  8. Tick the three checkboxes and click Next.
  9. Type Close the port into the Name box and click Finish.

The actions above are basic. In addition, using a VPN strongly enhance the security level of your system so that safeguard you from malware attacks to some extent. What we stress is only by using a reliable VPN can avoid placing yourself in a vulnerable situation. We recommend NordVPN, because it fits almost all devices you own and can protect you no matter what system you use. Take a few minutes to stay safe here.


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