How to Lose Last Two Kilos?

There are many different stages in which weight loss is carried out to make sure that the person gets fastest and easiest way to take care of their body. But out of the all the different stages of weight loss the most difficult and probably the most important stage is losing last two Kg. To make sure that the whole process of losing last two Kg is made easy here are some of the steps which can be helpful to you:

Step 1 Measure your baseline

BMR or Basal metabolic rate is one of the most important part of any weight loss program. This is the rate at which you will shed calories if you were to lie idle in your bed for the whole time. If your BMR is good then it would mean that even if you are not working out your body will shed extra calories. There are many different factors on which the BMR is dependent. It includes your body compositions, height and age. If you have higher muscle to fat proportion then your body will consume more calories. Following equation called as Harris Benedict equation can be very helpful in providing you with the BMR of your body:

BMR = 655 + (1.8 * your height in cm) + (9.6 * your weight in Kg) – (4.7 * your age in years)


Consider you are a 30 year old male with height of 170 cm and weight of 72 Kg. The equation will then becomes as follows

BMR = 655 + (306) + (691.2) – (141)

BMR = 1511.2 Calorie per  Day

Step 2: Body Audit

Along with BMR, Audit of your body is also something which is very important. There is nothing to worry if the BMR numbers of your body are very low as all of it is dependent on the total number of calories spent every day. Total calories spend in a day are sum of your basic bodily function and energy consumed in other ways. To make sure that you get accurate reading calculate total number of calories burned every day. It is called as Total Daily energy Expenditure (TDEE) which consists of BMR, thermal effect of food, and physical activity.

For the purpose of calculating TDEE, here are some ratios:

Sedentary: BMR * 1.2 (If your do not perform any exercise)

Light Active: BMR * 1.375 (Light exercise)

Moderate Active: BMR * 1.55 (Moderate exercise)

Very Active: BMR * 1.725 ( Heavy exercise)

Step 3: Budget Crunch

If you want to lose 0.5 KG every week then you need to burn weekly calorie of 14, 700 KJ every week. Make sure that you eat well and do not starve yourself for weight loss. If you need to go out for parma then make sure that you target for less than 1000Kj which will make sure that your body requirements are less.

Step 4: Loophole Phase

You will not be able to out train a bad diet as its very easy to eat calories then burning them. Exercise can be your added food allowance. If you burn 400 calories by running, you can still consume 7,080 KJ and shed half Kg of weight.

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