Helpful Curly Hair Defining Techniques

If you have curly hair, then you know the time and effort that goes into keeping them in control. The right combination of techniques and products like hair mousse, gels, smoothies, custard, conditioner etc. is what is needed to have that right balance of soft and well defined curls. However the results of these techniques depend on the texture, length, porosity and volume of your hair. Following are six techniques that help achieve and maintain your curl definition.

Curly Girl Method (CGM)

CG method was introduced by Lorraine Massey and has helped many curlies to be more accepting of their curls. The CGM works for all hair types depending on the types of curls. This technique works on the rule that there will be no usage of silicone in your hair products and that shampoo be replaced with natural cleansing conditioner. It is advisable to not use styling tools, combs and brushes as they create unnecessary frizz. After applying a leave in conditioner follow up by using your fingers to put gel in your hair and then air dry. Once you are done with this regime, do not touch your curls and leave them to set on their own. CGM encourages moisture in your curls without feeling heaviness in your hair and enhances the natural look of your curly texture.


Video Tutorials for Curly Girl Method

Tightly Curly Method (TCM)

Like CGM this method too is of the consensus that a good moisturizing conditioner can be replaced for a shampoo. Teri Laflesh, the creator of TCM and a curl struggler herself, says that the key to this technique is lots and lots of conditioner and a paddle or Denman brush. After conditioning your hair using your fingers, part your hair in sections and use a brush to smoothen out the curls allowing them to cluster in a bunch. When you are done with the entire head, run your fingers to smooth each curl and allow them to dry. The result is beautiful, soft, ultra-hydrated defined curls.


Fanta Diop Shows You the Tightly Curly Method

Finger Curls or Twirls

This technique is great for short hair that wants the TWA (teeny weeny afro) look. For this you need to section your hair after it has been washed and conditioned. Using your fingers, create smaller sections and curl or twirl your curls into uniform clumps. This works really well for hair with multiple curl patterns as it helps creating curls that are even. Go from one section to the other to complete the entire head and don’t disturb it once done. Showcase untouched natural moisturized curls with this technique.


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Shingling is a curl defining technique in which you apply conditioning products on each hair strand by using your fingers, a brush or a wide tooth comb. Part your hair into four sections after the cleansing process. Take the first section and make smaller sections, then run conditioner through it with your fingers making sure to pull the curls gently to elongate and soften them. Repeat this process with all the other sections till you have the whole head finished. Once done leave it to dry without disturbing your curls.


Learn Shingling with Youtuber Olivia Rose


Once you are done washing, conditioning and detangling your hair, part it into sections. Begin with one section and run your fingers through your curls in the same direction and pattern repetitively to smooth them. For tight curls, smooth the curls in smaller sections and for loose curls smooth them in bigger sections. Once you are finished with all the sections, as is the mantra, leave your hair to dry by itself so you do not disturb the curls.


Two-strand Twist or Braid Out

These defining techniques work great for less distinct curls. As per your choice, twist in smaller sections on wet hair to get well defined curls and for dense and longer curls; do twisting when hair is dry. Once you are sure of the size you want, finger comb each section with a styling gel, and separate each section into further two parts twisting them around each other like a rope till the end. Remember to apply moisturizing agents to the curls for a soft, smooth and un-frizzy feel and appearance. You can also use your fingers or rollers. Once done remember not to touch your hair till it is absolutely dry.


Braidout Video Tutorial

For braid outs, the sectioned hair is braided instead of twisting. Use FlexiRods on your ends with oil for a better polished result. Hope these techniques will help you define and showcase your natural curls with ease. Flaunt those happy and bouncy curls with these curl defining techniques and discover a new you.