Guide to Calculate Perfect Bra Size

Bra as we used to know, is a type of undergarment designed to support the breasts. While nowadays bra is more than an undergarment.  It’s a mean to express inner beauty and increase appeal. Wearing a perfect size of bra is not only important for your health and body shape but also to increase appeal. A wrong bra size is enough to destroy your shape of breast .

Unfortunately, a lot of the women don’t know how to find the perfect bra size for themselves. Again as the material is elastic, it gets loose after use. So here we will write about some points to help find a perfect bra.

Conception about cup size:

Most of the women who wear an imperfect size of bra don’t have any idea about cup size. They never measure professionally but rely on assumption. Cup sizes are as follows:

“A ‘’ Represents small size

“B ‘’ Represents average size

“C ‘’ Represents larger than average size

“D ‘’ Represents big size

The size of cup does not deal with the breast size alone. It is incorporated with the band size. Size of the cup is added with the size of band to give the total volume. To be clearer, if you wear a bra of size C with a band size of 30, it is smaller than the bra of size A with a band of 34. So now you can easily guess the difference.

Flatulence of the band size:

As mentioned earlier, cup sizes are not the deciding factor alone in measuring the size of the bra. You need to find the perfect size of band for you too.

Bras are actually designed to put maximum pressure on the back. So a bra needs to be enough tight and it should hold the breast firmly with the ribcage. If the band is not of perfect size, the weight of the breasts will be directed down causing pain on neck and shoulder.

Measuring band size:

The size of the band is to be measured from the outer pair of hooks. You should not measure the band size from any other hooks as they are provided to as you can shorten the size of the bra if it gets loose. So measure only using the outer hooks to get the proper size of the band.

Bringing change in habit:

You should not wear the same bra every time. You should give some rest too. As the material is elastic, it gets loosen easily. You should change one bra after each two days.

Wearing a proper size of bra is very much necessary. Measure your bra size professionally. Before trying a new bra, you should read the reviews about it properly. This will make your conception clear about cup and band size. Change must be done in case of any discomfort.