Feel Beautiful with Your Bedside Beauty Basket

After, having a hectic day at work and then struggling your way through the traffic back home; or having done with the ever-tiring household chores and baby care, all that you feel about yourself when you peep into the mirror is: “Is this really me? Do I have to look this way?” The feeling gives you a sense of discomfort about yourself and your day long routine and you just want to snap out of it as soon as you can.

So why not consider putting a beauty regime in place before you hop onto bed to catch up on the much required sleep. Consider turning your bedtime into the most awaited time of the day, which might sound bizarre to some people, after you have wound up all the activities, when you have all the time in hand for yourself without having to attend work calls or being called out by the other members of the house. The thought of being able to set aside some time for yourself to enhance your beauty, itself is so enriching right, instead of the usual hush bush routine in the morning.

Remove your makeup to relax

Therefore, you may embark on this beauty journey by heading to the women’s cave to clear off your dark, oily and sticky face by cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin, thus beginning to feel good about yourself clubbed with a quick shower. The sense of having a clear, cool and dirt free look while you sink your head into the pillow will definitely give you a feeling of immense satisfaction.

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is a gentle make-up removing water suitable for all skin types.

Now the next thing is to reach out to your set of indispensable beauty collection kept right beside your bed to rejuvenate you. The concept of keeping your bedtime beauty products at an arms distance gives you a sense of ease while you loosen up, which is quite unlikely to experience during your struggle throughout the day.

Moister your skin with spring water

Your collection could include a large tumbler of water with a spout to avoid any unwanted mess, especially when you want to be off any extra work during the process of winding down.  Water is an extremely essential de-stressing component and having it in a delightful carafe will only attract you to have it in the morning or in the middle of the night to help you cool down and get rid of those undesired toxins, giving you a radiant look.


Avène Thermal Spring Water can easily soothe and soften skin. Helps minimize skin sensitivity.


Take multivitamin to balance your body

The next item in your collection could be your vitamins. Though everyone need not pop in a multivitamin pill, but if you have been prescribed or are not meeting your daily requirements through a balanced diet, intake of these dietary supplements become extremely important for your health. So obviously having it by your bedside ensures that you don’t miss popping in your capsule the first thing in the morning.

Swisse Womens Ultivite Formula. 1 contains 50 vitamins and minerals to help support women’s nutritional needs.

Romantic aromatherapy-scented candles

To increase the aesthetic appeal of your bedside collection, lighting up a scented candle would just add a perfect flavor to the scene. Though the selection of the aroma completely depends upon your liking and personality, but the presence of it by your bedside will surely help you relax and release your anxieties.

ONLYWAX provides a clean burning candle made with hand poured wax infused with essential oils to create a highly fragrance Aroma.

Take care of your hair

You could also include a comb in your collection which will help you unwind by increasing your blood circulation, smoothening the hair cuticles and evenly distributing your naturally produced hair oil.  Thus a small combing session will serve as a quick hair spa sitting before nap time. Wow! The feeling seems so blissful right?

Tangle Teezer gives a blissful, relaxing head massage even for the most sensitive scalps. Cute in size and big on style.

However, apart from these you could always add some of your other treasured beauty products such as a body lotion, eye serum, lip balm etc. that would help uplift your spirit.

Your beauty basket could be a compilation of whatever pleases you and helps you unwind. But the most important thing is to have one in place to ensure that you give yourself that time despite your routine and make you feel beautiful not just from out but from within.