‘Fade’ dancer Teyana Taylor is Revealing Her Secret to Rocking Body

Ever since Kanye West’s “Fade” music video dropped, two questions have echoed among everyone no matter celebrities or viewers: Who is Teyana Taylor and how can I get that body?

Surely you’ve learned all about Teyana since her name has been a recurring theme in media coverage following the video’s release. Appeared in the video Taylor, wearing only a sports bra and underwear, showing off her chiseled abs and toned arms and legs.

The performance set the Internet ablaze with social media users posting about Taylor’s amazing body – and wondering what she did to get it. But as for her workouts, she’s played pretty coy…until now. Click and go to see Teyana Taylor’s secret …

The singer, who already owned her first child with Iman Shumpert, said she learned about the project just three weeks before video shooting began. It seems hours in the gym and strict diets aren’t the star’s thing, and she didn’t work too hard for her post-baby body.

“My diet sucks. I eat pizza, fried chicken, macaroni; I don’t eat vegetables.” I bet you don’t believe this is her secret to get your body shaped. “But I dance!” Teyana admit this is her ‘workout’!

Here is the good news, Teyana Taylor launched FADE 2 FIT dance workout program. Now you will have a celebrity private trainer always online! Click to learn what is FADE 2 FIT about and how other people say about it…