Fade 2 Fit: World’s Most Popular Dance Course Helps You Easily Lose Weight and Shape Your Body!


No strict diet needed, pure dance workout, see your body getting in shape week by week, obtain a brand new self after 90 days! Follow Teyana Taylor and subscribe this amazing dance, Fade2Fit, make the change right now!

What is Fade 2 Fit?

Fade 2 Fit is a dance workout course developed by Teyana Taylor from the very stunning vedio “Fade”. Upon signing up you will receive an email that gives you access to Teyana’s 3 Month Course. Teyana takes the guesswork out of figuring out which workouts to do on which day by streamlining the order of the workouts on your behalf. Teyana has tailored the workout schedule week by week. Upon completion of the course, you will have full annual access to all of Teyana’s content so you can maintain the body that you worked to create!

With its uniquely actions and effective schedule, the Fade 2 Fit helps you build up perfect body shape through a series of fun and addictive dance. Training together with the world’s most popular dancer Teyana Taylor will make you lose weight and body shaped with lightning speed!

Fade 2 Fit gives people hope “that you don’t have to stick to the old rules of what it takes to be fit and in shape”, specifically empower “females after childbirth.”


“Even after giving birth to her daughter, she regained her shape in a few weeks simply by dancing.”

—VOGUE Magzine

“Teyana Taylor Shows You How to Dance Your Way to Fab Abs on Her New Fitness Site”


“The program offers meal plans and portable fitness content for viewing on phone, TV, or tablet.”



Fade2Fit begins from easier to more difficult as the program progresses. Teyana has compiled workouts that she herself uses as her own routines to stay in shape. The platform keeps track of your progress and keeps you accountable in order to complete the course in the way it was designed to achieve results.

When it works, it works!


There are more than one type of routines to exercise but primarily is DANCE all you are going to enjoy. BTW, no special equipment is required. A yoga mat and a water bottle are both easy to find at hand.


All the following items are available for you to view and download. There will be new content featured each month with the progress you made.

  • Teyana’s 3 Month Course
  • Tailored Meal Plans (Click to see 5-Day weight lose diet plan)
  • Workout Calendar
  • Teyana’s Dance Workouts
  • 7 for 7’s
  • 10% off apparel and equipment
  • Free access to any future Teyana workouts released during your membership


Each month will feature new content that progressively gets more difficult as you continue through the course. Click to Join Fade 2 Fit right now!

Fade 2 Fit is followed by Kylie Jenner, RihannaSelena Gomez and a large number of elites on Twitter. And the founder Teyana Taylor(@TEYANATAYLOR) has 4.9 million followers on Instagram. Now it has become a routine to thousands of people just like you and me.