What Are the Effects of Sunburn on Your Skin

As days are longer in summer and temperature is generally high it gets tricky to resist the hot sun. Getting yourself outside and enjoying outdoor activities is healthy. One thing that everyone should consider is direct exposure of sun can be harmful for your skin.  If you do not take proper care you may lead to face some major skin problems. In the following article we will discuss in detail about sunburns.

What does sunburn means

Sunburn is an injury to the skin that occurs due to the radiations of sun. The amount of sunburn depends on the length of time spent in the sun, amount of melanin in skin and atmospheric areas.

UV light

It combines of different kinds of radiation of different wavelengths. Sunburned skin would mean that there is too much exposure to sun for skin and the wavelength of the UV light will damage the skin but will not result to sun burn.

  • UVA – Long Wavelength: It can damage the elastic tissue and can produce crusty and scaly skin. It can disrupt skin on the cellular level which can lead to skin cancer like melanoma. Overall intensity of the effect will not wary all through the day but will remain same when the sun is present.
  • UVB – Middle Wavelength: Causes of these are cumulative heating which can have adverse effect on wavelength for the development of skin cancer. The intensity of UVB will differentiate for the day as it can increase as the sun will be closer to the earth.
  • UVC -Short Wavelength: It will be blocked with the atmosphere as there will be no risk of exposure.


It is the pigment inside your skin which will determine the overall complexion and coloration which has an interesting relationship with UV rays. Melanin will dissipate and absorb the UV light specially UVB. If you have more melanin then your skin tone will get darker. This is the reason as to why you will not experience sunburn regularly as compared to those who have lighter skin tone.

All these methods should be paired with using sunscreen. Over the time sunscreen will get seated away and run off even more slowly.

Anti inflammatory agent will reduce the redness which is associated with the inflamed skin. If sunburn occurs then it should be taken prior to or immediately after sunburn. You should be careful that it should not exceed the overall damage inside the day for the purpose of given period of time.