Effective Ways to Layering Skin Care

We have introduced so many skincare tips and products before. But layering skin care is considered as an art and as important as what products you applying. Incorrect layering skin care never offers the desired outcome.

Layering can be compared as one type of dressing system too. During winter, we wear warm clothes. But definitely we do that maintaining layering like we wear shirts with jumpers and later on jumpers with coats. In the same way, serums and moisturizers are to be layered in order to protect the skin.

The need of our skin is different in different places. Various places need various ingredients. Layering is the art of spotting those areas and treat them well as well as maintaining moisture all over the face.

Layering should be started with lighter serums and finishing to be done with heavier one. The reason behind this is it’s a tough task for lighter serum to be absorbed in skin penetrating heavier one.  Make sure that product you used is well absorbed before applying another. Otherwise, there can be an adverse effect on perfect outcome.

Some of the tips to layer your skin care are discussed below

Perfect Cleaning

Cleanser is one of the most important parts of layering skin care. Many people think that only splashing with water is enough. Definitely splashing is the most important measure but that’s not enough. Cleaning must be associated with removal of your make up properly, driving away all dirt particles and other unwanted particles. Sometimes there can be some clogging bacteria on the skin. Cleansing must be a means to clear off the clogged pores too.

Treating the spots

Spots can be present on your skin and you are the only one who knows the best about them. The treatment for these sports is application of serum directly on the spot areas with your clean finger.


There are many types of skin care products like anti aging cream, skin brightening or whitening cream or any type of cleanser. The most important skin care treatment is a serum. Application method of this serum is somewhat critical. Serum should be applied in a circular motion. Circular motion involves the application on face first. Then, apply on the neck and the décolletage.

Serum is the one delivering the active elements to the skin. Two or three serums can be applied on the skin after perfect washing of face and the using a moisturizer. But you must be careful of using. You should apply the next serum before the previous one is perfectly dried up.

Using Eye Cream

Cream for eye is used under the eye region smoothly. Eye cream can be used for immediate brightening and eradicate the fine lines around this area.

Layering is not only advisable for brightening skin tone but also it is considered as an art. Layering perfectly increases the potentiality of the ingredients u applied on your skin. A perfect wash, using serum, oil or a face cream by perfect layering can bring you a brighter face overnight.