DIY Natural Face Mask for Summer

Summer is the hottest season in which fruits and chilled veggies, cool drinks gives a refresher to your body. We need some fresh watermelon, cucumber and grapes to make our body and skin hydrated. Summer is the driest season in which we face many skin problems due to harmful sun rays. Skin problems like sunburn, tanning, dry skin, rashes are the common problems faced in Summers. Here is the list of few DIY face mask which will brighten your skin and make it glow in the summers.

1) Natural Yogurt with Honey.

This Mask improves the texture of the skin and acts as an astringent to your rough skin.


1 Tablespoon Yogurt

½ TBSP Honey


Take one bowl, mix 1 tablespoon fresh yogurt in it. Further, add ½ honey to it. Mix it well or blend it with a spoon.  Before applying this mask wash your face or exfoliate with water. Apply this smooth mask on your dry skin. Keep it for 20 minutes and relax. Rinse it well and clean it dry. This is the easiest and simplest mask which can be made in seconds and the ingredients are readily available at home.

2) Natural Lemon and Cucumber Mask.

This Mask detoxifies the skin reducing the puffiness on the face. It also restores moisture of the skin.


1 Lemon and peeled and chopped cucumber.


Lemon is the most active ingredient to the skin which contains Vitamin C. For this mask, you should squeeze one lemon and add peeled and chopped cucumber. Wash your face with water and pat the face dry. Apply the mask gently and keep it for 15 minutes till it becomes dry. Wash your face off.

3) Mint Face Mask.

This is a great face mask used in the summers. Mint is used to soothe the irritated and itchy skin and is used to give freshness to your skin.


Fresh Mint leaves, cucumber, and Lemon.

Information:  Grind and blend mint leaves and soak in Lukewarm Water. Add squeezed lemon and cucumber pieces in the mint leave. Apply it on your face evenly avoiding the eyes. Rest it for 10 minutes. You will have a tingling sensation but will feel cooler and fresher after washing off the Pack.

4) Aloe Vera Juice with Sandalwood Powder.

This Face mask acts as an antioxidant and anti-allergic mask. It gives you a refresher and cool feeling. It blemishes your skin and removes tan from the skin. The fragrance of sandalwood enlightens the mood.


Sandalwood Powder

Aloe Vera Juice or Rose Water.


Buy a Sandalwood Powder from a store. Mix fresh aloe vera Juice in the sandalwood powder. You can also use Rose Water which is a great base for smoothening the skin. This face mask is the easiest mask as you do not need to grind or blend anything and is easy to make. Apply the Mask on the Face and let it dry. Once it gets dry after 20-25 minutes wash it off with water and pat it dry. It gives you extraordinary results.