Distinction Between BB Creams and CC Creams

Like having to choose right from millions of beauty products wasn’t befuddling enough already that one has to now struggle with different product types and their abbreviated names! Curious and wondering whether to use these two – three letter skin care products that beauty care companies keep launching and lure with promises you can’t really ignore? Well, you aren’t the only one. To lessen your confusion we bring to you this write-up to help you understand how these BB and CC creams really work and benefit your skin. Maybe after reading it you will be able to decide whether to trust these products with your skin.

BB creams

The BB in BB creams stands for ‘blemish balm’ and as their name suggests are meant to target and decrease all your skin blemishes and eruptions.  These originated in Korea few years ago and are majorly a mix of makeup, moisturizer, anti-aging and sunscreen agents. They were re-named ‘beauty balm’ when they were introduced in the U.S. The BB creams found in the Western countries differ in their formulae from the ones found in Asian countries. For instance, BB creams in Asia are thicker in texture, have higher zinc oxide and titanium oxide levels and SPF of 30+. On the other hand, BB creams of the West are light in texture with slight sheen. Irrespective of these differences BB creams are meant to constitute of antioxidants and protect your skin from aging and sun’s harmful rays.

CC creams

A close relative of the BB cream is the CC cream. CC stands for ‘color correct’. These are similar to BB creams. They are a little more tinted than BB creams with far more sun protection elements and skin-whitening ingredients for uneven dull skin tone correcting redness as well as patches. Did that sound like any other beauty product in the market? It is true that many skincare products provide similar benefits but it does not mean that a good CC cream is a bad option. You just need to understand that not every product available is meant to deliver what is promised of it. So choose your skincare cream wisely.

Other ‘acronymized’ cream

Many times beauty care companies launch and sell skin care products by giving them fancy or abbreviated names. Mostly this is just a gimmick to sell products that are already available in the market with similar ingredients, like a colored moisturizer or sunblock with antioxidants and anti-allergy properties. There is a big range of such products with acronyms as names and the best of them constitute of SPF 30+, anti-aging and skin replenishing elements. These take care of your skin and provide it with moisture, sun protection and youthfulness. However, it is smart to not let yourself get enticed by the claims of new skincare beauty products that keep mushrooming around.  And that is the ‘XYZ’ of it all! So the next time you see a new ABC or DEF product on the rack and get the urge to try it, don’t forget you may already have a similar, maybe better, product lying in your shelf at home.