The Most Detailed Choker Styles Guide

Choker as the IT girl icon of the whole 90s is overwhelmingly back these days. The trend has been seen in the street shots among a bunch of models and pop stars, which seeing them appearing around the necks of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. While as not everyone knows exactly how to style a choker, today we write this guide to introduce you almost all kinds of chokers you can see and show you ways to match them with your outfits.

What is a choker?

Let’s see the display of effect of wearing different types of necklaces in this picture to help you tell them apart. We could find sometimes many of us also regard a collar as a kind of choker.

Why a necklace is the best dressing friend?

Neck connects our head and shoulder, which is the very closest area to our face. So that neck accessories can be the most catchy items on our upper body. A suitable necklace is enough for you switch among any kind of styles you want, like a delicate look, a bohemian look or a sophisticated one.

How to choose a necklace according to your collar shape?

Below is a picture help us see clearly the necklace and uppers matching. If you choose to wear a choker, pick your uppers in outfit 2, outfit 3 and outfit 5 style. To make the principle in a word, don’t make your necklace and upper collar overlapped to look complicated.

Highly recommend dressing routines

Of course there are more different types of uppers we are likely to wear everyday. Now we collect some easy outfits for you to match your chokers. All the highly recommended outfits and average match may look good. But there’s also some ones you should stay away from.

  1. Bare shoulders
  2. V-neckline
  3. Basic shirts
  4. Strapless uppers.
  5. Slip dresses.

Average dressing routine

Wearing a choker when you in a wide shoulder strap vest isn’t a smart choice. There are really too much around your neck.

Dressing Minefields

Since round neck and Peter Pan collars are so close to your face, so never overload it with a choker.

Maybe a choker is not suitable for you…

If you have a round face, a relatively shorter neck. See how a choker or a collar will make you look chubby and overstaffed.

After learning how terrific a choker is, all decent looks and what you must avoid as well. Now you could go ahead up level your daily and party dress.