Cause and Remedy of Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common, you may loss hair after having shower in the morning while drying up and combing. In fact, it’s quite natural to have a hair fall, but obviously that has a certain limit. Everyday 80-100 hairs are being fallen and those will automatically recover in natural way. But anything more that is alarming and can be treated as a medical disorder. Below we will let you know some of the reasons behind hair fall and the remedy against the fall.

Reason behind unusual hair loss

Telogen Effluvium:

This indicates hair loss after pregnancy, major surgery, abnormal weight loss or if you are in deep stress. It may happen due to side effects of medicine too. Generally you will lose hair after shampooing and brushing.

Genetic Cause:

If your parents have this problem, You can lose your hair due to heredity. This is the most common reason behind unusual hair loss.


Most of the people all around the world face this problem with thyroid hormone. If the rate of thyroid is enough, nails and hair grows longer but if it is not enough, body can’t use oxygen and energy for proper functioning hence causes hair loss.

Deficiency of iron:

For women, if there is an excessive period you do not take enough iron rich food, it will cause reduction of RBC in blood. This may cause anaemia and loss of hair.

Remedies to avoid excessive hair loss

Proper Diet:

Food enriched in protein helps to grow hair in shorter period of time. Milk, egg and fish are good choices in regular diet chart. Taking salmon fish and mackerel, food rich in omega-3 fatty acid, twice a week will be helpful for growing hair.

Taking enough vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin B-12 to helps producing red blood cells. When it combines vitamin C and iron particles, you will grow hair faster. Vitamin E is responsible to make proper circulation in the body and produces more and more blood cells. Besides, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium and zinc are necessary minerals.

Taking more water:

Taking 64 ounces per day is mandatory for an adult. Do not drink carbonated soda as it destroys our immune system and cause hair fall.

Leave bad habits:

Smoking cigarettes causes reduction in blood circulation and flow in scalp. Similarly drinking more alcohol and caffeine damages the immune system and causes hair fall. Besides, leaving tension and stress and working out daily can be a solution to hair fall too.

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