A Beginners’s Guide to a Comfortable Shave

Shaving is a decision to be taken relying on your instincts the same way when it comes to your clothing or makeup. We all know it is possible to shave with many methods. We will in this article make a guide for you to know how to start shave, especially if you are a beginner.

General shaving steps

Step 1:

To begin with the process of hair removal, you need to first get your hairs softened to provide a more closer and comfortable shave. Have a few minutes shower to get the hairs softened.

Step 2:

When taking a shower, make sure that you apply a shaving gel which will help keep the hair moist, allowing the razor to easily glide on your skin. This will help avoid possible cuts, nicks, rash or razor bumps.

Step 3:

After the shaving gel is applied, you may get going with the razor. Keep in mind to use long strokes by lightly toughing the skin while removing the hair. Each body part will require a different shaving direction.

  • Underarms: all angles shaving- down, up, sideways.
  • Legs: upward direction starting from the ankles.
  • Bikini area: inward and against the hair growth direction.

After shaving, be sure to wash and dry your razor to enable it to be long lasting.

Step 4:

End this process by drying your skin and applying any moisturizer to let your skin be hydrated, smooth and healthy always.

Choosing a proper shaving product and tool

To begin with you could use a razor with 5 blades. It isn’t necessary to do so but for good results, this is the perfect option. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you to use the Venus Embrace. It has a protective moisture ribbon allowing a very smooth shave and reducing any probable cuts or nicks.

However some people may demand for something which provides a little more moisture and scent. For this, we recommend the Venus Comfortglide containing Olay flexible moisture bars. These bars, when shaving, form a lather which allows you to ignore the use of any kind of shave prep. The end result gives you a lovely Olay touch to your skin.

It is also possible to create a razor on your own with the help of refillable razors by Venus. This will also lessen the replacement of an entire razor. You could just swap the carts whenever you’re ready to change it.


Razors are the most common used shaving tool. Still there are other products and tools if you want to make shaving easier and stay longer. We will keep talking about shaving in following articles.

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