Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit: Perfect Trainers for This Summer

Many of us must own or have owned (at least) a pair of the classic Adidas Stan Smith shoes. It has been my default trainers for many years. With Stan Smith Prim Knit, instead of leather, it comes in some kind of knitted fabric. So rather than a trainer, it looks more of a plimsoll, but still sporty and professionally structured. In fact, I think it is perhaps more chic and fab compared to the classic leather one.

As was mentioned, the primeknits, made of knitted fabric, are extremely comfy to wear because they are light-weighted and airy. Wearing them with skinny jeans and T-shirts, the design of the shoes make my ankles so neat-looking and attractive. Leggings, pants and mini dress are also great choice to go with these shoes. It is not hard to see, why primeknit makes such perfect summer time trainers. After first putting on these shoes, I immediately ordered another pale pink pair online for the amazing comfortableness and chic looks.

They also made Vapour green colorway for Stan Smith PRIMEKNIT. Check this fabulous color!