Acne Types and Eating Habit to Own Flawless Skin

Acne is the most common problem with the skin of majority portion of girls around the globe. We used to write about some skincare rules for acne skin. But this problem will be solved by changing our day today food habit and coming outside of our daily routine as well.

In Following writing, we will get to know about their types, how to have a flawless beauty.

Types of acne

Acnes are generally of hormonal and dietary categories like garbage in and out.

On Forehead:

If we eat slowly and give proper time to digest before sleep and avoid faster way, we can avoid this type. Improper digestion in stomach leaves a mark on forehead and turns into acne on forehead.

In eyebrow region:

Acne on eyelids and eyebrow region indicates problems with your liver. Likewise, eyes indicates kidney malfunction and nose area represents stomach and spleen. Acne on mouth indicate problems with large intestine. If you have any problems with lungs, it will be represented by acne on cheek.

The reasons behind these are:

  • Smoking
  • Living in polluted areas
  • Eating dairy
  • Not exercising at all

Dairy is hard to digest and it is advisable to eat cheese. At the same time, eating carrots, zinger and reddish can also be helpful in improving digestion. Milk thistle pill is also one of the solutions to minimize the problem around eye brows.

Hormonal cause:

During the time of period, some women feel the existence of acne around the chin every month. This hormonal imbalance can be minimized by taking evening primrose vitamin every day.

Workout cause:

Exercise burns excessive fat and the toxins stored in fat cells are released in blood stream. As kidneys filter this blood, it must be clean. Otherwise, the toxins will appear as pimples on the skin. It’s also important to keep you liver good too.

Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli can be the best dietary solution to keep the liver in good condition.


Care for acne prone skin:

Cleaning skin with warm water and then rinsing with cool water I a good care for the acne prone skin. Clean towels must be used to get rid of bacterial growth.

Seawater as a treatment:

Seawater is a natural antiseptic. It helps to restore moisture in the skin. Pine bark found in it is almost ten times stronger than any vitamin C as anti-oxidant agent

Dry skin may cause wrinkle formation and end up in forming acne. To keeping your skin moisturized is also an important task.

Change in Food habits and activities, especially taking in deep green vegetables and green fruits are the best solution for this. Let’s follow the above discussion and get flawless skin.