Achieving Straight Hair Without Heat

Before we have wrote you some helpful curly hair defining techniques, today we will share you some straight hair tips. As we all know, getting straight hair needs abundant use of heat, chemicals, flat irons and hair dryers. But right now let’s take you through a journey of DIY tips. They are considered to be very professional and will help you achieve your goal of having straight and sleek hair naturally. It may not work immediately. We all know, good things come with time!

Start from shampoo

You need to get the appropriate shampoo along with a conditioner to start with. “After the wash, squeeze out the maximum amount of moisture you can after which you could either use a smoothing cream, oil, serum.” says Laura Polko, celebrity stylist of Scunci “It all depends on your hair type.”

Choose a good hair towel

“The best hair texture on which straightening techniques which are heat-free can be used is on fine and medium texture.” Use of a good fabric, for example Aquis, which is very absorbent, can help you remove all the moisture in your hair quickly and avoid any damage or frizz.

A professional Wet Brush

Engelsen suggests that you brush your hair down when it is wet and tightly pull it till it dries. If you are confused about which brush to use to do so, ‘Wet Brush’ is recommended. When done with hair that is naturally wavy, it will provide a city-chic kind of look which is usually seen on run-ways.

Hair drying techniques

Ricardo Rojas, celebrity hair stylist said that she noticed her sisters using cold air to dry their hair. They would do this by drying the hair till it is almost dry and then pinning sections of hair all around. In the morning, they would get up to see their hair silky and straight.

Wrap your hair

If you have long hair, you could use jumbo rollers and wrap the hair against the rollers in a flat fashion. On either side of the rollers you can secure it with duckbill clips. It is recommended not to use Velcro or foam rollers but plastic rollers which could give a better and smoother effect.

Finally, it is preferable to use cold hair from the blow dryer and your fingers and a brush without any product to provide straight hair. Application of natural products like such as coconut oil can help get a better effect.