7 Best Tips to Apply Foundation on Your Acne-Prone Skin

acne skin foundation apply

Before we have written articles about foundation like How to choose the best foundation. Today we are going to talk more about foundation applying skills, especially for acne skin.

foundation tips for acne skin

As complex is the theory behind the egg and the chicken, so is the relationship between your acne and the foundation. Since you have acne, you end up applying more and more foundation to cover up those nasty outbursts only to realize that they are just adding on to your misery. The more foundation you apply to give yourself a clear flawless complexion, the more you breakout like progressive volcanic eruptions. So what’s the solution? Below are some of the tricks and techniques on how to apply foundation on your skin that is greatly susceptible to acne.

Keep Your Face Clean

This sounds quite cliché but that’s the truth. Maybe you are not one of them, but there are a bunch of slothful folks out there who blissfully apply foundation without a proper clean up regime, leaving their skin unwashed and dehydrated. Now pairing up your dirt-filled skin with make-up is the ultimate disaster blend. So let’s just keep it plain and simple. Clean up!

Keep Your Applicator Tools Clean

clean your foundation brushOnce you’ve taken to cleaning your face, it doesn’t just end there. Well cleanliness is the most important attribute in tackling acne breakouts. So cleaning your applicators plays a very significant role. Ensure that your make-up brushes and sponges are regularly cleaned and free of any dirt. Clean your make-up applicators on a weekly basis or swipe them with cleansing, anti-bacterial wipes after every use to avoid any kind of buildup. Alternately, if you are using your hands to apply something on your face, ensure that you thoroughly wash them with soap and water.

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Bye-bye Primer

Well this may seem the toughest thing to say but it is indeed the best for you. Even though the primer is your savior for holding on that foundation for a longer period of time, it’s absolutely disastrous for your acne prone skin. So even if your primer is oil free, it seeps deep into your pores and locks in all the bad ingredients into the epidermis of the skin. And not just that, it goes on to layer the pigment on top. Thus it’s a complete no-no!

Avoid Using a Beauty Blender

Instead of using a beauty blender to apply foundation, use a brush that is dome-shaped with synthetic bristles. The beauty blender tends to hold up a lot of foundation, thus transferring larger amounts of it onto your skin and the presence of excessive foundation on your skin instigates the breakouts. But a foundation brush aids in applying a thin layer of foundation to your skin. However make sure that you don’t press the brush too hard into your skin, rather apply it in strokes or in a circular motion. You can use a beauty blender to slightly tap and wipe out any streaks once you’ve applied the foundation, but be extremely gentle so that you don’t end up picking up more foundation from one place and transferring it to the other areas on your face.

apply foundation with dome shaped brush

Avoid Foundations with Skin Care Benefits

It is a mandate to keep your makeup steps and skin care steps separate if you suffer from acne. Most skin types, whether dry, normal, anti-ageing etc. Can multitask with two-in-one products. But acne prone skin can certainly not take up the load of double duty beauty products such as cc creams, bb creams or tinted moisturizers. In fact, it will worsen your skin condition and make way for fresh breakouts. Thus avoid using any hybrid beauty products and keep the usage clung onto a simple oil-free foundation.

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Keep Your Make-up and Skin Care Regimen Separate

Now that you have comprehended why you should keep yourself away from beauty products that carry the two-in one slogan, it is quite obvious to distance your skincare and make-up regimens. If you use both kinds of products together, one after the other, it will definitely clog your pores, resulting in outbursts. Once you’ve applied a skincare product, give it some time to settle and seep into your skin before you apply a foundation. Just go about doing anything, probably do up your eyes, or apply your favorite nail lacquer, or just sip on some drink in between the two regimens.

Stop at the Sight of Open Wounds

Whether fresh breakouts or a day or two older, hold your horses before applying any cosmetic product to hide them, because you will end up infecting the area and only increasing your agony.

Keeping in mind the above techniques, go ahead and confidently boast your flawless acne-free complexion without any tension!