5 Reasons To Throw Away Your Other Lip Plumping Products

There is no doubt that the beauty trend of big, full lips is on everybody’s radar. So you’ve seen APEX PLUMP all over social media, in the hands of Celebrity Makeup Artists, and in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan & Allure – and now you want to know what all the fuss is about… Here’s why APEX PLUMP is the only lip plumping product you will ever need in your make up kit!

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1. Instant amp up your lips – no needles, no pains.

There will be immediate enhancement of your lip volume after a few minutes of mild tingling sensation — enough so you know it’s working, but not at all bothersome. Like all the blood flows straight to the lips…in a good way! Apply it throughout the day you got an ample and alluring pouty pucker.

2. Ultra moisturizing, bring your lips back to life.

During aging, lips lose volume dramatically. They also get dry, creased, and wrinkled. APEX PLUMP is fused with hyaluronic acid and a special Volulip technology that boosts hydration, volume, and plumpness. It’s shiny and not sticky – your flaky lips will get softer right away when coated with this plumper.

3. Reduce fine lines while creating microcirculation for fullness.

APEX PLUMP redefines the contour of your lips and all your friends will think you’ve had work done. Share your secret, or leave them with lip envy. It’s up to you…our lips are sealed!

4. Fantastic both way! — used alone, or as a precursor to lip color

APEX PLUMP enhances natural color of your lips. They will be gorgeous just in natural state, but also a great base to wear with other lipsticks and glosses.

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5. Provide the most noticeable difference over time.

The effects of APEX PLUMP are visible and last so much longer than other lip plumpers. This is the best lip plumper that actually makes a difference. It does a great job of plumping within a few minutes’ use. After a month of use, your lips are fuller, softer and totally line-free.

plumping lips over time

Ok, so if you’re not sold yet, APEX PLUMP is now offering free samples and you can order it from their website and try the lip maximizer yourself. What else could you ask for?!

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Simple to Use

Just apply APEX PLUMP directly to your lips and wait for two minutes. You can either use alone or apply lipstick over APEX PLUMP. Feel free to re-apply during the day as needed. The formula is very comfortable and wearable and even makes for a great base for any lip colors! If you’re looking for a product that deeply hydrates as it plumps, here is your pick.

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No Botox, No Surgery.

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