5 Basic Skin Care Myths & Truth

With so many beauty tips, quick fixes and claims floating around it is easy to get confused between fact and fiction. The never-ending suggestions and recommendations that you hear about skin and beauty are most of the times unhelpful and unscientific. Surely they are meant to do well but turn out to be just plain old speculation. Therefore to have that perfect skin it is better to have your facts right. In this research assisted article we help break 5 skin care myths we come across regularly.

Opt for beauty products according to your age

Beauty care companies sell various products claiming and touting them to be age-specific. But that isn’t the case. Age and skin care aren’t related that way. The fact is that a 30 year old woman’s skin problems can be the same as a 50 year old’s. Dry flaky skin can be a worry at 20 years of age and acne and stubborn blocked pores don’t vanish by themselves when you are 50. No matter how old you are, it’s never too young to brace yourself to fight the obvious hints of aging. As is true for a healthy diet, which is good for people of all ages, same goes for beauty care – the elements that are beneficial for a healthy skin work well whether you are in your 30s or someone double your age.

Hypoallergens are better for delicate skin

Hypoallergenic cosmetics are those which are highly unlikely to cause any kind of allergies and therefore are considered to be more beneficial for sensitive skin. However, this isn’t scientifically proven. There are no set rules or ingredient controls that actually decide if a beauty product is hypoallergenic or not. So whatever skin type you may be, the next time you go looking for ‘hypoallergen’ on your product label, look for soothing, fragrance-free and skin-rejuvenating ingredients instead. Here to learn what ingredients are harmful to your skin. 

Age spots are a part of the aging process

To start with, the term coined for brown spots –‘age spots’- caused by hyper pigmentation is not entirely correct. Irregular skin tone and dark specks are the result of prolonged exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays which accelerate the production of melanin and can happen to anyone, at any age. Call them what you want but the truth is that these unattractive marks on your skin are unwanted and not age-specific. According to research, skin products with hydroquinone work best for diminishing these persistent blemishes.  For skin whitening, restored glow and correction of uneven skin tone, skin products enriched with ascorbic acid, niacinamide and some fruit extracts are very helpful. Combine these ingredients with hydroquinone and get yourself a great skin improvement product.

In order for the above to show positive results, remember the most basic rule of skincare – always apply a sun screen moisturizer all year through!

Acne disappear with time

Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Acne is mostly associated with teenagers. However, it does not mean that these won’t appear later in your adult life. The ingredients required to avoid and keep acne eruptions at bay are the same for any age. Skincare products made up of non-irritants like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide act best for acne control giving you a remarkably blemish free healthy skin.

Make-up is responsible for skin blemishes

Based on scientific findings, there is no truth to the above statement. Applying make-up does not cause acne. However, failing to wipe it off properly definitely does! It is imperative that you use a good non-irritating make-up remover daily to clear your face of all the cosmetics and allow your skin to breathe. Next you need to apply a moisturizer enriched with anti-acne properties to keep your skin safe from breakouts.

The above beauty myth busters assuredly will make you smarter about your skin care routine.