5 More Basic Beauty Myth Busters

We have concluded several common skin care myths before. Now we made another interesting list of skin care myth busters that you will surely appreciate. 

The costlier the cosmetics, the better they are

Probably the oldest of the plethora of beauty myths is this one. It has been around for so long that it is almost impossible to get rid of. However there is no truth in this old skin care belief. This has been proven based on years of factual scientific research data of various cosmetic brands and their skin care products. Expensive cosmetics don’t necessarily guarantee healthier skin and less costing products don’t always mean they are bad for your skin. So instead of checking out the price, next time check the ingredients of your beauty product to see if it is suitable for your skin type.

Organic products are skin friendlier

Another common beauty myth we come across daily. Organic ingredients are considered to be better for one’s skin because of their closeness to nature. Again there is no technical proof to support this belief. In fact, it is a known fact that there are plants which are toxic and others that can spread terrible allergies. Thus assuming that natural beauty elements are innately good for your skin would be incorrect.

Stinging, cooling feeling suggests that the product is doing its job

On the contrary, the tingle and chill is the indication that your skin is getting irritated. The major culprits that fall in the category of skin allergens are alcohol, fragrance, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus and camphor. Bring an end to the tingling by steering clear of using skin care products that constitute of the above mentioned ingredients and your skin will thank you by appearing healthier and brighter. Even if these ingredients don’t sting your skin and in fact make you feel refreshed momentarily, remember these aren’t skin friendly elements and will definitely display their negative properties with time.

Drinking more water keeps dry skin hydrated

If only there was even a little bit of truth in the above statement! Because if there were, no one would be ever suffer from dry, scaly, patchy skin and there would be no need of moisturizers to help it keep hydrated. Studies show that there isn’t much of a substantial difference in water content of different skin types. Dry skin, its problems and solutions are way beyond just drinking more liters of water. So increasing your water intake will not help provide moisture to dry skin or make it appear any better, only increase your visits to the bathroom!

Regular use of same products stops benefiting after continual use

Not true! Like your body doesn’t get used to nutritious food with time, your skin too does not get used to beauty products that you have been using for a long duration. Provided that you are avoiding products harmful for your skin and using the ones that are skin friendly, your skin will remain charming and healthy. The reason this myth is believable is because the level of skin refinement decreases after applying a good skin care product for some time. This can be explained with the reasoning that before changing over to that suitable product for your skin type, you were using a below average one. You may stop seeing considerable changes after a few weeks or months leading you to believe that the product isn’t working as well as it was initially. This means that over a period of continual usage of a particular product your skin is maintaining its newly discovered youthfulness and healthy look.